Our Vision

Helping Others Suffer Less.


Veteran ReBoot is a cannabis advocacy program for military veterans, pets and seniors that provides education, support and compassionate gatherings for its members.

Education covers WA state’s medical marijuana program, the Endocannibinoid System, navigating VA healthcare, cannabis culture, and how to grow at home on privately owned property in accordance to WA state law.

Gatherings allow all ReBoot members a chance to experience cannabis culture and the Pacific NW as a substitute for isolation, pills, booze and the inevitable darkness that follows.

Compassionate gatherings can be and often are small to accommodate those ReBoot members that don’t enjoy crowds. Knowledge of CBD flower, topicals, concentrates and edibles is passed on, including the importance of product free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Veteran ReBoot also advocates for the safe, measured and responsible use of cannabis, to include cannabinoid therapy for opiate dependence or addiction.

As all communities can be strengthened through kindness and compassion, Veteran ReBoot is committed to helping others suffer less… and with a smile to boot!

‘Nuff Said!

‘Nuff Said!